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Meet Lucy Leora

With a formal background in fine-art photography, I approach each wedding with a keen eye for detail, carefully orchestrating every frame to create a cinematic experience. Quiet luxury, travel, and intimacy are the cornerstones of my photography business. I cater to discerning clients who appreciate visually striking design as well as the importance of the wedding experience itself. Not only do my clients and I love the design and artistry put in weddings, but we are also fearless in getting dirty and living life. We know the purpose of the day is to focus on genuine and sincere love.

I am here to make you proud of the photography you receive. My work’s purpose is to give you confidence, reassurance, and pride in your personal life experience through heirloom quality work. There is no greater gift than owning the rights to your story, throwing perfection aside and running through life with open arms.

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Extraordinary moments captured through humble narratives


"We weren’t sure we wanted a photographer for our micro wedding
because we were afraid it would be awkward with how small everything was. Never an awkward moment and it felt like Lucy was just another member of the family. The photos are absolutely stunning and she captured moments that, in the whirlwind of the day, my husband and I would have completely forgot. Thank you Lucy for the photos that perfectly show me and my husband’s personalities and our love for each other."

"I could not be more happy with the decision to have Lucy photograph our day"


- Marina & Kellan

"When choosing our wedding photographer, it was extremely important to us that we found someone with whom we would truly enjoy spending our wedding day. Lucy is one of the warmest, kindest people we have ever met and she was such a joy to spend our day with! We felt comfortable and like we could be ourselves in front of the camera. She captured every detail (even ones we weren't aware of on the day) of our wedding with poise and perfection. Every single photo she delivered felt like coming home - from the ones that looked like storybook covers, to the ones of us laughing at cake falling down my dress. She captured the very essence of our relationship and of our day, and we are incredibly grateful. Both Lucy and her second-shooter Trey were so much fun and so detail-oriented! The editing is absolutely perfect, not too bright or too dark. We cannot wait to not only enjoy these photos for years to come, but to work together again to create magic in every season of our life together. "

"She captured every detail of our wedding with poise and perfection"


- Addisyn & Michael

 "I don’t love getting my photo taken (either does my husband) nor do I love photos of myself. However, I feel so beautiful in our images that we actually had some printed to hang in our home. I love seeing them everyday. I’m so glad we chose Lucy to be with us on that day. In additional to be an exceptional photographer, she’s a truly delightful and loving person. Hire Lucy to capture your love and special moments. They’ll be photos you’ll cherish forever. "

"Lucy photographed our elopement. We absolutely love them."


- Amanda & Cody

"Lucy took our engagement photos in 2017, and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! I was nervous at the beginning of the shoot, because I often feel self-conscious when having my picture taken, but that feeling quickly passed. Lucy was patient and caring throughout the entire experience. I felt I could totally be myself and sometimes even forgot the camera was there! 
The photos turned out absolutely beautiful. We’ve been married almost 4 years now, and I still get super sentimental when I look at our engagement photos! I highly recommend Lucy’s services and hope to book with her again soon! "

"..I couldn’t have asked for a better experience"


- Logan & Zakiya